The Story

Golf By Kelly is a brand inspired by the desire to bring eccentric style to the game of golf.

The name itself is a reminder to always leave your mark on whatever you do. No matter what it is or who you are.

Growing up, I always looked and did things differently from everyone else playing golf. 

I did everything from sporting wild hair, played in spikeless untied vans, and even wore face paint in a tournament with one of my buddies.

My goal has always been to have fun with the game. Regardless of the stereotype of how I was "supposed" to do things.

A run in my mom had with another parent about me cutting my hair to look "the part", raised a lot of questions in my head about the game and why everything seemed to have to be a "certain way".

One of the main reasons why my friends gave me a hard time about playing, and didn't want to try golf for themselves, was because they thought they had to look a certain way or be in a certain demographic.

It just wasn't cool enough to them.

That's why I set out to start this brand so I can help show a side of the game that makes it more attractive and fun for those looking for something different.

Let's grow the game together,