Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate you ask?

Let me tell you.

A GBK affiliate is a living, breathing, ambassador for the mission. The engine to the brand. When you become a GBK affiliate you wont just become the face of the brand, you will be paid for your efforts. How does that sound? 

I bet.

There is not many companies that offer this type of passive income opportunity. But here is yours with ours. If you are interested, follow the 6 step process below...

  1. Create an account HERE
  2. Go to Setting -> Payment Settings -> and select how you want to be paid
  3. Set up a coupon code on the "Home" page 
  4. Copy affiliate link from "Home" page
  5. Use your coupon code and pictures of you using our products, to promote your link on your social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Blog etc.)
  6. Earn!

 You'll Receive:  

  • 5% commission on all products from purchases through your link.
  • A 10% off coupon code to market your link