Kelly Golf Klub x Matt Mo Golf

This collaboration may have materialized in 2021, but the relationship goes way back to the year 2000. I enrolled in to the First Tee of Jacksonville at the age of 7 and Matt was the Program director. Also known as Matt Mo, short for his last name Moscinski.

Over the years he was not only a great mentor to me but he became like my big brother. We traveled all over the country to First Tee events and even crossed paths in our professional careers.

Which brings us to where we are now.

We both ended up building solid brands for ourselves through our love for the game of golf. Matt in coaching and apparel for me.

Just chit chatting one day, we thought about how cool it would be to partner up and do some collab pieces that merged both of our brands together in order to have some fun with the brotherhood that we built between ourselves.

Matt's signature style has always included a bucket hat. So we decided to roll with that and incorporate it with my Hitman design. 

The rest is history...


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