The Story Behind The Logo

What started off as just an idea of what the confidence of every golfer should look like...

Evolved into something more.

That's when our slogan, See Green Think Red, was born.

It's our way of saying "Focus on the task at hand. Then execute."

But let's go deeper...

"See Green" when you break it down, symbolizes the sights of every golfer when they step on the tee.

They see the green grass beneath their feet, the well manicured green fairways in front of them, and the ultimate goal...

The green putting surface.

Green is also synonymous with the word "Go".

"Go" is the first two letters in the word "Goals".

"See Green" not only represents seeing the green putting surface.

But also GOing for your GOals.

As seen in the eyes of our Hitman logo.

Thinking Red follows a similar structure.

Red numbers are the objective of every golfer whenever they tee it up.

Or at least it should be...

Our mindset should always be on beating the course and getting the lowest scores possible. Which translate to red numbers on the scorecard.

But it starts in the mind first.

Red is also associated with the word "Execution".

Which symbolizes putting the action behind your thoughts that bring forth the results that you want.

To put it all together, See Green Think Red means to set your sights on the things that are important to you, and execute on the process that will bring you your desired outcome.

This brand was build on top off this phrase as a constant reminder to always persist and never lose sight of where you want to be.

Which is why our logo is referred to as the "Hitman" because it embodies all of the ideology behind the "See Green Think Red" mindset.


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